Tour >> Nakhl - Rustaq - Al Hazm - 9 hours

Nakhl - Rustaq - Al Hazm - 9 hours

  • Depart from hotel.

  • Depart for Nakhl, a pretty village at the foot of the Jebel Nakhl Mountains.
    Nakhl Fort is set on a rocky outcrop surrounded by palm tress. The origin of this fort is pre-Islamic, with major contributions by the Ya'ruba and Al Bu Said dynasties.

  • At Nakhl Hot Springs, water gushes from the rocks and forms a pleasant pool. The spring is also the gathering place for the villagers. The area is shaded and green and the falaj carries the water to the date plantations. Picnic lunch will be served en- route.

  • The route leads to the town of Rustaq, which has a long history of conflict. Rustaq Fort has seen many occupants, including the Persian invaders, and was constantly redesigned and refurbished. It is magnificent and encompasses an area of over one square kilometre.

  • The old Souq is where you can find antiquities, artifacts and other collectible items. A fine place for a casual stroll in tantalizing Arabian settings.

  • The deep aquarmarine hot water springs at a constant 42 degrees C are reputed to have medicinal qualities.

  • Also visit Al Hazm Fort on the return journey to Muscat.

  • Return to hotel. End of tour.