Al Naseem Turtle Beach Camp

Al Naseem Turtle Beach camp

Our nice and comfortable and little camp lies in the beautiful area of Ras Al Jinz, surrounded by mountains and wide open land.In 2014 the camp has been newly renovated and improved for our guests. We now offer 10 huts and 10 cabins, each equipped with attached bathroom, aircon, electricity and hot water.Breakfast and Dinner Buffet is included in the room price.We are conveniently located only 5 minutes from the famous turtle watching reserve, where you can see the famous omani sea turtles nesting at night, and their babys hatching on the beach.


The east coast of Oman is home to the green sea Turtle. They can grow up to a length of 1,5 meter and a weight of 200 kg. All throughout the year, but mostly in the summer, they come to the beaches of Ras al Jinz at night to dig a nest and lay there eggs. The Ras al JInz turtle reserve was founded to protect these turtles and to make it possible for visitors to watch those beautiful turtles nesting. Every night they crawl up to the beach and spend over an hour to make a nest and lay up to 200 eggs. The babys will hatch after about 2 month and swim into the sea. Sea turtles, once they reach breeding age, will return every year to the exact spot where they were born to lay their eggs. To be able to do that, they can cover distances over 2000 km.

  • GPS Co-ordinates for Al Areesh Camp: N 22.29.767 - E 058.41.200 GPS Co-ordinates for Al Naseem Camp: N 22.16.112 - E 059.47.351

Al Naseem Turtle Beach Camp Pricing :

Adults RO. 25.000 per night.
Children (12 to 6 years) RO. 13.000 per night.
Children (5 to 3 years) RO.   6.000 per night.
Children under 3 years No Charge.