Al Areesh Desert Camp

Al Areesh Desert Camp

At Al Areesh Desert Camp - Wahibah Sands

The Wahibah Sands, one of the oldest deserts in the world - with rolling dunes, reaching up to 100 metres and shifting sands - magnificent with changing colours. This is the traditional home of the Bedouin, hardy, spirited people who know how to survive in these harsh desert conditions.


The fenced-in and guarded camp has fixed quality tents. Net panelled windows, which allow a free flow of fresh air and enclosed with palm fronds, provide protection against the elements. The spacious tents are fitted out with electric lighting, and two single beds with mattresses and bedding.

For further comfort we have fixed amenities including showers, hand basins and flush toilets. The spacious Arabian-style entertainment area covered with palm fronds is in traditional Omani style, where meals are enjoyed and one can lounge in comfort on oriental carpets and cushions.


Experience the thrill of dune driving, the adventure of sand skiing on the dunes of Ramlat al Wahibah, or simply explore the desert. Ride a camel and visit the local Bedouin. This vast area promises days filled with activities and night-drives which reveal desert life concealed during the day.
During the evening enjoy the campfire and be entertained by a troupe of Bedouin musicians, dancers and singers. Or, spend a quiet peaceful evening in camp.

Surrounding area:

Historical sites, such as Al Mudayrib and Al Manzafah village in Ibra, are not to be missed. To the west is Sinaw Market, bustling with activity where the Bedouin meet to barter and socialize. There is the archaeologically rich area of Wadi Nam and Wadi Tayeen. South of the camp is Bidiyah, rich in sand dunes, and southeast is Wadi Bani Khaled, a true oasis. Travel to Ja'alan and Asylan on the coast to reach our camp, Al Naseem, on the borders of Ras Al Junaiz Turtle Beach Nature Reserve.

  • GPS Co-ordinates for Al Areesh Camp: N 22.29.767 - E 058.41.200

Al Areesh Desert Camp Pricing :

Adults RO. 25.000 per night.
Children (12 to 6 years) RO. 13.000 per night.
Children (5 to 3 years) RO.   6.000 per night.
Children under 3 years No Charge.